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Yair Lurye - Senior Business consultant since 1999​

Yair Lurye, a senior business consultant, worked with thousands of businesses since 1999. Yair is the author of "home economy" book and a second generation of consultants.

 Services provided:

  • Financial, business and marketing consulting

  • Banking and non-banking credit recruitment

  • Consultation and handling of State guarantee loan applications 

  • Expert in trade business relationship between Israeli companies     in Germany

  • Specialist in consumer habits and behavior of the households

  • Economic court's opinions

  • Valuations

Yair Lurye consults to companies in a variety of fields, including industry, financial sector, pharmaceutical companies, consumer goods, culture, leisure, real estate and real estate abroad.

Business and marketing consulting
 Banking and non-bank credit 

As part of the consultation, Yair Lurye focus on increasing sales, and the business changes occurring in the changing market climate.


Yair Lurye is an expert in business transformation processes and accompanied hundreds of clients in various sectors during the past recent years. Among his clients, are businesses up to 50 million $ yearly revenue in the fields of food, fashion, industrial, commercial, agricultural, DIY, travel marketing networks, sport, recreation and leisure, transport, automotive, banks, credit card companies, pharmaceutical companies and others.

Yair Lurye, is an expert in banking and non-banking credits, he recruited for his clients hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade.

Recruiting credit for the following purposes:

  • Financing working capital

  • Discount checks

  • Equipment financing

  • Vehicle financing

  • Investment financing

  • Factoring

Consulting in trading Israel-Germany

  • Dealing with finding customers in Germany for Israeli companies

  • Connections on German DIY networks

  • Consulting in importing of German food products to Israel

  • Handling Kosher processes of German food products  

  • Recruiting sponsorship for the German football team Borussia Dortmund (BVB) stadium in Germany

  • Consulting in trade shows in Germany

  • Assistance in locating German products

  • Treatment of investments in German real estate, including financing

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